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  • Austin, Texas Named #1 Place to Live!

    Monday, February 13, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Austin, Texas Named #1 Place to Live!

    According to a new survey, Austin has been named the best place to live in the country!

    This comes as no surprise as most of us here already know this! From our social, laid-back attitudes to queso covered everything, Austin has something to offer everyone!

    The U.S. News and World Report survey ranked the country’s top 100 largest metropolitan areas on factors such as affordability, job prospects and the overall quality of life. Dethroning Denver from the top spot it originally held, Austin earned an overall score of 7.8 on a 10 scale. This figure represents a culmination of scores from criteria detailed below! Austin's scorecard is as follows:

    Desirability Index, which measures whether or not people want to live in a given metro area, saw Austin score a total of 8.4.

    Value Index, or the measure of how comfortably the average resident of each metro area can afford to live within his or her means, saw Austin score a 7.3.

    The Job Market Index, which measures the strength of each metro area’s job market, brought in a score of 7.5 for the Austin metro area.

    Quality of Life Index, which measures how satisfied individuals who live in Austin and the greater area, saw our metro market score a 7.3.

    Perhaps the most telling statistic of the report was the Net Migration the metro area experiences. This stat shows whether people are moving to or away from our area and saw Austin receive a 9.8. A figure that represents the growth our city has experienced!

    Austin’s Mayor, Steve Adler, upon hearing the news his city had topped the list was quoted saying “we celebrate what we’re doing right to be ranked first, recognizing it also highlights the accompanying affordability, equity, and mobility challenges that our city faces.”

    Interested in what cities rounded out the top 10? Here are the results.

    • Austin
    • Denver
    • San Jose
    • Washington
    • Fayetteville
    • Seattle
    • Raleigh-Durham
    • Boston
    • Des Moines
    • Salt Lake City

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