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  • Got Kids? Tips for a Family-Friendly Home

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Got Kids? Tips for a Family-Friendly Home

    Buying a home is a completely different animal when also looking for a place to raise a family

    If it was just you you’d be willing to settle for a smaller home or one in a less-than desirable location. However, you want the best for your children and wish to provide them with not only a place to rest but a safe place to play and be expressive.

    When deciding on that home for your family keep these few things in mind!

    Size Matters

    The size of a home is one of the most important family considerations when buying a home. Children can be noisy, leave a mess of toys behind and ultimately transform any space in your home into their playground. If your home features minimal space your feet may have a date with a few Legos here and there.

    If your home has a large living-room or rooms that can be transformed into extra bedrooms then this will be better suited to help a child thrive. Even if they decide to ignore your sectioned off play place, it can serve as a room to escape the commotion.

    Be Practical

    Aside for the size of your home, the size of your family and how it functions can be a big factor in house shopping. Ask yourself some questions:

    • -        Is the dining room big enough to sit your entire family plus a couple of guests if needed?
    • -        How big is your laundry room and can it handle that one Saturday your entire family decides they need theirs done?
    • -        Wall sockets. Where are they and are there a sufficient number of them?
    • -        Closet space? No further explanation needed.
    • -        How about a yard?


    You’ll worry less if your children can play both safely inside and outside.

    For both the inside and outside of your new home, ask yourself some questions:

    • -       How hard will child-proofing your home be?
    • -        How do the stairs and your toddlers mesh?
    • -        Any dangerous corners that should be addressed inside?
    • -        If you’re buying a pool, is it closed off by fence or gate?

    Ask yourself a couple of questions about the neighborhood as well:

    • -        Where are the nearest doctors, dentists, hospitals? – anything that may be important on a whim.
    • -        What’s thru-traffic like?
    • -        Factories or sources of pollution?

    There are other things to consider about the safety of your property. Be sure to go over with your family what’s important to you!

    Location, Location, Location

    Where your home is located is important when you have children. As your children get older then will only grow more active. Is your home close to the things that will be important to them?

    School district? You don’t want a long commute every single morning.

    In addition to schools, walk the neighborhood to get a feel for whether your children will have other kids to play with. Any shops, extracurriculars, or entertainment around?

    Finding kid friendly homes in Austin, Texas does not have to be an uphill battle. Paying a bit more attention to finding the house with the right features will help you feel confident you and your family are in the perfect home! 

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