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  • Some quick and (almost) painless ways to prepare your home in the event you’d like to sell!

    Monday, January 16, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Some quick and (almost) painless ways to prepare your home in the event you’d like to sell!

    Selling a home isn’t as easy as listing it and fishing for offers. There is preparation that must take place if you plan on getting the offers you expect on your property. Buyers can be finicky and in a market like Austin’s there isn’t a shortage of options available to them. Applying these tips and suggestions to your property can help maximize the offers on your house!

        - Improve the Exterior of Your Home – Nothing says home like the feeling someone gets when pulling up to a house. First impressions are crucial and if your house lacks in that department this can be detrimental to the chances of them deciding on your home. Keep in mind that Buyers are making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives so their attention to detail should be high. Be sure to clean up the landscaping around your house and trim any bushes you may that are overgrown. A good idea is power washing the sides of your home and driveway as this can remove years of dirt! For more suggestions on how to clean up your landscape and exterior of your home you can go here!

        - Your Door! - As we feel very strongly about this, so much so that it should be its own bullet, but a freshly painted front door can be very attractive to buyers. A freshly painted door in a color that contrasts to the house can do wonders for the exterior appeal for a house. This alongside a new welcome mat can vastly improve the look of your home!

        - Clean, Clean and Clean Some More! – When you go and buy something from the store, no matter how small, I would almost guarantee you envision yourself using that product. Well the same is a true for a home. When potential buyers come to view your home, they will always imagine their personal belongings their and their lives happening in that home. Someone else’s clutter filling the room can make this envision less personal and make it harder for a Buyer to make a personal connection with your home. If you have the external storage space, we recommend using that to store unnecessary items. If you have to you can also rent a storage locker to store your items. This rule especially applies to garages! Giving a nice shine to all of the surfaces in your home is a big key to the selling process. Everyone likes buying new, who doesn’t? However, not many people can afford to build a new house! Therefore, you need to make your home feel like new. From the spaces behind your toilets to the ceiling fans, your home needs to be spotless to make a really great impression on buyers!

        - Inviting Smells – I assume we all can relate to the smell of a home being either a great thing or somewhat of a turnoff. Filling your home with inviting scents can be a game changer when it comes to impressing buyers. This Good Housekeeping article can provide you with some ideas on how to keep your house smelling fresh at all times!

        - Repairs! – In any market, any unattended damages can hurt the value your house brings. Before deciding to list your house and show it to prospective buyers it is wise to take care of any damages or blemishes to your home. No Buyer is going to want to buy a home where they need to immediately apply repairs. Be sure to take care of anything beforehand!

    These quick tips can improve your chances of a buyer deciding on your house as their next home! The greater Austin area is full of competition when it comes to owners trying to sell their properties. Applying these suggestions can help ensure you don’t become a second choice. A Realtor can be a great resource on what needs to be done to prep your home for a sale. Be sure to check out our agents to connect with one dedicated to getting the maximum value on your property!

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