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    Thursday, September 21, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    What is a Home Warranty?

    What Is A Home Warranty and What is Home Insurance?

    A home warranty is a one-year service contract designed to protect a home’s systems and appliances. If a covered system of appliance in your home fails, a home warranty will cover the repairs or replacement. This can include your plumbing, electric, heating and cooling systems.  As Shawna Bell of Landmark Home Warranty explains, “Home warranties provide financial protection for homeowners who might be faced with unexpected problems with their appliances.”

    Although a home warranty is not required like home insurance is,  it is a good safety precaution to have in case an appliance or a system fails. If someone has lived in your house prior to you, or your builder's warranty has expired, it is something you should consider. Home warranties cover your major appliances in your house, unlike home insurance which  covers natural disasters, theft, and things of that nature. If y ...

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    Tuesday, September 19, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Got Kids? Tips for a Family-Friendly Home

    Buying a home is a completely different animal when also looking for a place to raise a family
    If it was just you you’d be willing to settle for a smaller home or one in a less-than desirable location. However, you want the best for your children and wish to provide them with not only a place to rest but a safe place to play and be expressive.
    When deciding on that home for your family keep these few things in mind!
    Size Matters
    The size of a home is one of the most important family considerations when buying a home. Children can be noisy, leave a mess of toys behind and ultimately transform any space in your home into their playground. If your home features minimal space your feet may have a date with a few Legos here and there.
    If your home has a large living-room or rooms that can be transformed into extra bedrooms then this will be better suited to help a child thrive. Even if they decide to ignore your sectioned off play place, it can serve as a room to escape the commo; ...

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    Tuesday, July 18, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    7 Great Homes Available in Greater Austin for $250k

    If you’re from Austin or the surrounding areas you’re probably aware that the home prices keep rising.
    According to ABOR’s most recent market data released the average price for a home in Austin is right around $310,000. For first time homebuyers, this number can be a little off-putting and make you feel as though you aren’t ready to purchase.

    Our agents specialize in helping first-time buyers and those shopping on a budget with finding a quality home for a great price. Here we have assembled 7 great homes from across the greater Austin region that are listed for just $250k.
    798 Dark Horse Lane, Buda

    3,126 SF | 4 Bed | 3 Bath | Full Listing
    You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on square footage. Here are the listing Realtors notes:
    “Claim your castle! This stunning home features 3,126 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths! The exterior features beautiful white stone and large trees while the inside features a fireplace, 42 cabinets, and t! ...

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    Friday, March 31, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Pflugerville's Real Estate Market

    What does the current state of Pflugerville’s market look like?
    Founded in 1860, the real estate market of Pflugerville has come a long way since then. With the explosion of the greater Austin area, Pflugerville has been one of the suburbs that has been benefited the most from the influx of new residents to the area. In the year 2000, Pflugerville’s population had just reached 16,000 residents. Seventeen years later, according to census report Pflugerville is the home of more than 53,000 Texas residents. The record growth the area has experienced can be attributed to the numerous companies relocating to the Austin area and Pflugerville itself is home to companies such as Samsung and Dell Technologies.

    With the growth that Pflugerville has experience that last couple of decades comes the evolution and expansion of the real estate market in Pflugerville. So what does the current market landscape look like? You can view the full Pflugerville market report at Cent ...

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