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    Monday, August 6, 2018   /   by Grant Williams

    The Master Checklist for Getting Your Austin, Texas Home Ready to Sell!

    So you’ve decided to take advantage of this market and sell your Austin, Texas based home, where do you even begin? Getting your house ready for such a thing can seem like an overwhelming task! By following the below guide you can simplify this process one room at a time.
    If you are short on time, it’s important that you prioritize correctly. At the top of your mind, the first things you should tackle are cleaning, packing & decluttering the home. To get the most out of any sale, you’ll want your home to look as new as possible. Consulting with the agent who will list the house can help steer you in the right direction when figuring out how to do so. This handy checklist will help you prepare to sell your home at top dollar!
    First things first – Evaluate every single room of your home!
    Anyone who shows interest in your home is going to be far more critical of your house than they are of their own. They might not dust the weekly, but they will notice if ...

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