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    Thursday, January 5, 2017   /   by Jason Huval

    Relocating to Greater Austin, Texas from Out of State

    Moving from a small town or suburb to a large city, such as Austin, can be an intimidating proposition. Here are a few tips to help make your move as painless as possible. 

    Research Before Your Move to Texas
    It's important to understand the culture you're joining. To begin, do your due diligence and research online to learn about Texas school system, neighborhoods in the specific areas of Austin you're looking for, available parking in that area, local weather (probably hot!), what the public transportation available is, check out Ride Austin, and laws native to that area. It's always wise to visit your targeted area before you decide to move to get a feel for the area. 

    Have a Plan for the Move
    Before you even begin to think about packing the moving truck there are things to address. Arrangements for living are most important. Whether that be a friends couch to sleep on, an apartment or a month-to-month agreement somewhere, or a new home you always want to have ...

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    Monday, January 2, 2017   /   by Grant Williams

    Changing Real Estate Brokers in the State of Texas

    Making a switch to a new Broker is not always an easy decision, but the process doesn’t have to be that difficult if you know what you are doing.  The four basic step are:

    1.      Requesting sponsorship from your new Broker on TREC’s website

    2.      Contacting your local board or association of Realtors

    3.      Letting your current Broker know that you are leaving per your contractor agreement with her or him.

    4.      Signing an agreement with your new Broker.

    Leaving Your Current Brokerage

    First, you don’t have to close all your deals before making a move to a new Broker.  This is the most asked question I get from agents that are looking to make a switch in Brokerages.  Most Brokers are great people and understand that your circumstances and life changes.  Although we have had a few agents retire with us ...

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