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Interested in joining our Brokerage? Here are some FAQ's we commonly hear!

Deciding to leave your current Broker is a decision that doesn't come lightly! The fear of of losing out on your current affairs and losing your deals can keep agents stuck in their current situation for too long. Provided below is a collection of frequently asked questions we hear from agents looking to make a switch!

  • How long will the change to your firm take? It can be done in less than an hour! To change your affiliation with your local MLS you'd need to do so on a weekday during their business hours and the rest can be done online through TREC!
  • What are the costs to switch? The cost with TREC for paper filing is $40 and the online form is $20.61. Depending on which MLS board you are a member of, the cost can vary from free to $50. The Austin Board of Realtors charges $25 to change to a new Brokerage. We have a one time setup fee of $150 for all new agents!
  • Can I transfer listings from my current Broker to you? Yes! However, only active listings and only if your Broker is willing to let them go. Most large firms allow them to transfer relatively easily. If you are making the switch while a listing is under contract you will finish the deal with you current Broker.
  • Are my E&O fees included with your transaction fees? Yes! Agents at Central Metro Realty are never surprised by hidden fees. With our plans, what you see is what you get!
  • Do I need to be a member of a local Board or Association of Realtors? Nope! We offer agents that have no interest in MLS access the ability to join our Brokerage through our sister company! If you're an agent who does works mainly part-time or are simply referring business, we can offer you something!
  • How long do I have to wait to write a contract under your Brokerage? Once you've made the request for sponsorship on TREC's website and we have accepted you on our end you will be able to write new deals under us!
  • How do I get paid on closings? At closing, Central Metro Realty has very simple steps for our agents to follow allowing them to get paid their dues on their coveted closing date!
  • How do I get paid on leases? Simple! Send us a copy of your lease invoices and we direct deposit your check into your account!
  • Why have I waited so long to contact you? Change is not easy so we won't hold it against you! Give our Broker, Jason, a call today at 512.921.7537 to discuss you joining our team!

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