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Central Texas Probate Specialists

Combining the grieving process of losing a loved one and selling a home can be a stressful time in one's life. If you find yourself with a property that you didn't anticipate being responsible for, at least at this time, Central Metro can help. The process can be a time consuming matter as well as a major investment of your energy, focus and resources. On top of that, this is most likely happening at a time of loss and grieving. 

Our experience in probate sales for Executors and Attorneys will leave you with the peace of mind that all details are addressed in this unique selling process. From marketing your property to the final closing documents, Central Metro has a team of specialists with over 7 years of experience in real estate probate sales. 

We understand and value that these homes aren't just ones being sold like any other home. The people connected to them are not just our clients and we pride ourselves on connecting with them throughout this unfortunate and sometimes devastating process. Our team is there to walk you through our plan and be there for you every step of the way, no matter the time of day. 

Below you'll find a quick checklist of things we follow in the probate process. 

  • Coming Soon Marketing - Coinciding with the next few steps, our marketing team has experience in gaining traction for your new listing. Our mission is to establish a hype from the get go resulting in the quick, painless sale of your property. 
  • Cleaning and Landscaping - First impressions are the single most important thing in a timely and successful real estate sale. We must insure that your home has been prepared for new ownership. Sometimes these homes are of great sentimental value to one and after a loss they don't like to be included on anything pertaining to the home. We understand this completely and will gladly provide and set up all logistics to get your property looking great on both the inside and outside.
  • Texas Estate Codes - Our team is experienced and knowledgeable on all legal aspects of this type of sale. Partnering with a realtor with this knowledge is a must if you want a clean transaction from start to finish. You can review Texas Estate Codes to get a better grasp on the details and fine print that go into this type of transaction. Partnering with Realtors knowledgeable of this is key!

Central Metro Realty and our team of specialists understand what this process entails and are dedicated to providing you with satisfaction whether you are an Attorney or the appointed Executor. We look forward to partnering with you and providing the sale of your estate with minimal headache on your part. If you are interested in our services, please fill out your contact information to the right and one of our specialists will be sure to contact you!

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