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  • Westwood Elementary School2

    Palestine, TX | Anderson County


    September 9, 2010

    this was once an impressive school but the neighborhood poverty level it seems has risin and the quality of the people has gone down. I attended this school years back and it was great, my kids attended a few years back and I realized just how bad it has gotten. Im sure the staff are also not happy with the situations and leadership skills. not all teachers there are bad, a few are actually quite dedicated and devoted to the point of sticking it out through the tough times just for the kids sake and I appreciate that quality in them. The number of disturbed abused and violent children does seem to be growing here as well...

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    May 15, 2007

    The teachers are disorganized and are constantly trying 'new things', which fail to work. The lack of communication with the parents is a big problem with this school district. The quality teachers who have taught there in the past have now left to teach for a better district.

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    February 19, 2005

    The district is not lacking in funding, but the grounds and facilities on all of the Westwood ISD campuses are run down and in some cases dangerous. The teachers are not paid well and therefore have a laisefare attitude in most cases. Discipline problems are not addressed. Children that are continually in the principal's office are not forwarded on to alternative school or referred to juvenille authorities even if rule infractions involve repeated physcial violence towards other students. Teachers have lengthy private conversations on cell phones in class when they are supposed to be teaching. Good teachers leave because of the way the administraton and the school board fail to handle valid issues or problems.

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