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    November 19, 2014

    -Scholars are eager to learn. -Mr. Modest (Principal) awesome. -School is challenged with many concerns that as a community we have to stand and demonstrate to our future (students) violence is not the way. -We are often challenged in the classroom with cell phones and disruptive behavior. We need more parent involvement. -Teachers are really eager to teach. Teachers here have a passion to educate and assist our students but teachers can't do it alone. -Let's go Sunny-side let's all work together for the common good and that is to provide our students with ever effort(s) that are required for them to be successful beyond the walls of Worthing High School.

    Submitted by a teacher

    May 30, 2014

    I wish i could give this school zero stars. I went to this school and its horrible they need to close it and never think of opening a school like that again.

    Submitted by a student

    January 9, 2014

    A lot of the students skip school and smoke marajuna on Dawson Ln., in an abandoned house that burned down, behind the school. They walk up and down the street and the hisd police just parks there. They need to drive down the streets and see how many are skipping.

    October 12, 2013

    love worthing. dont really care what others say worthings great. great athletes,great teachers, and ehhh students. but the only reason no one goes here is because of our bad television reputation. ( im a sophmore)

    Submitted by a student

    July 5, 2011

    I am a current student(Senior) at Worthing High School and I would have to say throughtout my time at this school I have saw the good and the bad. The main road block/conflict that we have, is the lack of team work throughtout the Administration and communication.I believe that if you come into this school with a pessimistic mind set then you will leave with that kind of experience.I also believe that it takes more than just the students that make the school,as a school we are a team and this year will mark the begining of a new school and a new leadership.

    Submitted by a student

    November 25, 2008

    This school has not met my expectations on any aspect. The officials do not have any control over these kids at all. I am trying very hard to transfer my child to another school ASAP.

    Submitted by a parent

    October 2, 2008

    With my daughter they solved their problems of inadequate curriculum offerings by placing her in 10th as a 9th grader. They also gave her ROTC as an elective. Pardon my ignorance but isn't that a military bound program that requires parental permission? I am glad I took her out of this school

    Submitted by a parent

    April 15, 2008

    i love worhting high school that school has taught me to become a more independent young woman and they have also taught me to go for my goals they are what i call a success.

    Submitted by a student

    June 28, 2007

    As a previous student and current parent of Worthing,I have noticed quite a decline in student and staff morale with this Administration. We really need to ensure that our Schools have Administration that have our children's best interest at hand. I have not had this feeling with Mr. Dean or Ms. Lewis. Our students need to be wholesome in life and this includes academics and social skills. Having Administration be unkind and abrupt to staff and parents is not a good thing. Personally I feel that we need to start at the top (South District Administration) to take care of the issues at Worthing High School! You get no responses from Warner Ervin or Administrative Principal for this school. Its as if we don't exist to them. Sunnyside Pride will not let Worthing Fail...

    Submitted by a parent

    June 2, 2007

    I think the current administration: Robert Dean and E Lewis have done the most damage to Worthing High School. The administration is never visible, never available for parents and students, never out in the front helping monitor students for bus duty, not friendly to parents, and speak very abrubtly to you when you have questions.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 19, 2006

    My son graudated in 2003. While at Worthing, he learned a lot. Mr. Gambrel, his algebra instructor was hard, firm and fair. He challenged my son. He will graudate with high honors in Electrical Engineering with a minor in math. When he left Worhting he was trained in several computer programs that have propelled him in the computer world. Summer of 2005, he won the first annual Young Devloper Award. This was based on knowledged acquired while at Worthing. No place is perfect. Not Bellaire or Lamar included. Schools are what you make of them. You can go to Harvard and pass with 'D's. Does that make you smarter than an 'A' student at TSU? Students from Worthing are doing well. We even have a student in the NFL at this time. Check it out for yourself - #59, Brian Iwuh.

    Submitted by a parent

    June 3, 2005

    Worthing High school has quite a few UIL programs that are not really spoken of such as the debate team and the theater arts department. Both of these groups have placed in UIL competitions. If more emphasis is placed on what a school has to offer to better our students quality of life, then, our students will get more out of school.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 3, 2004

    If you don't have to,don't go! Just about everybody knows (Administrative staff) nothing or does nothing. I have a child there and I have talked to several people who during their senior year and they have told me that they have learned nothing and they graduate in the top 5% of their class. Get out while you can. Why do you think enrollment has gone down?

    Submitted by a parent

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