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    March 2, 2015

    Our son went to Ridgeview this year and we cannot express how disappointed we were. The lack of teacher engagement is really bad. Teacher do not communicate well with parents or make themselves available to them. Yes it is middle school and parent involvement should be less but when necessary they should be available. Our son complained of not being challenged, of teachers on their phone texting and gaming in class, being unprepared for lessons etc. When a student is complaining about teachers not being interested there is a real problem. In addition what passes for acceptable language and behavior at the school is disturbing. Someone needs to come in and set expectations and guidelines for these kids. We ultimately had to make the decision to move out son to a different school with stronger engagement, more challenging curriculum, and high standards for their students.

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    December 31, 2014

    I have had little experience with the staff at Ridgeview but the one time I did the Assistant Principal for my 6th grader was VERY eager to listen and helped me clarify some issues I was having with a few of my child's teachers. She took a proactive approach and addressed my concerns head on and then reported back. That level of communication is rare in ANY government agency and it was a breath of fresh air coming from a middle school administrator. It was obvious that she truly cared about my concerns but most importantly the students. "Thank you" to her!

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    October 23, 2014

    I am a student at Ridgeview and am quite frankly happy with it. Yes, some of the teachers aren't very nice and are very strict, but they teach us what is need to be taught. I am a straight A student and some of my classes are challenging, but school isn't supposed to be easy. I must admit, the school is a little crowded. Lunch is complete chaos almost everyday, but I can tell the administration is working on a solution. They already have a great system. The students on the other hand have no respect for authority and do quite foolish things such as inappropriate behaviors, fighting, and yelling. This school is very great, and the issues they have would be solved if students were less of a pain. The administration is doing all they can, but it is not enough.

    August 6, 2014

    Just look at all of the posts made by students. Isn't their terrible grammar enough to show you that this school is horrible? I'm not going to name who, but certain teachers would rather sit there and play Clash of Clans on the projector rather than teach the students. Instead of having lesson plans, they would just go on Google or Youtube and look up the concept for that day. Overall, very un-satisfactory.

    July 28, 2014

    This school is a mess. I have taught here for 10 years and there have been 5 Principals. The Assistant Principal's are a complete mess, which is ultimately the Principal's fault. Either she isn't holding them accountable for what they do, or they are kept in the dark by her. There is no communication from the administration to the teachers about anything, and thus there isn't any with the Parents. Most of the teacher's I work with are great & innovative, but the kids are not challenged. Teachers are forced by administration to make things easier, so no one fails and parents don't complain. Kids's that are disruptive, even a few that are somewhat dangerous, are never punished. The inmates run the asylum, and the teachers are powerless because the kids know that they will never get in trouble.

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    October 8, 2013

    I'm in 8th grade at this school, and I've enjoyed it a lot in the years I've been here. We just got a new principal who is very involved in what's going on around school, and most of the administration is friendly. The teachers I've had were friendly and helpful, and they are constantly pushing you to try your best in each of your classes. And the teachers like to bring technology into the classroom. Every student here has a Google account provided by the district. However, some teachers like to swear a lot, and there were a few teachers who will make fun of other faculty members in front of students. And while the school is usually very helpful and receptive towards new students, there are very obvious social classes among the students, and if you can think of a stereotype for a social class (i.e. jocks, populars), it's usually true here. Overall, Ridgeview is a great school and I would recommend it for anyone looking at middle schools. Hope this helps :) Go Panthers! (P.S. Blackland Prairie Elementary, which is right across the street; Gattis Elementary; and Forest Creek Elementary all feed into Ridgeview. Then students here go to Cedar Ridge High School. Just FYI :D)

    July 20, 2013

    I would start by syaing this school is overcrowded and stretched to its limits trying to resolve it many issues. It is currently the largest middle school in Round Rock. However, it is a great school, with great students, teachers and administration. Standardidized scores are show that students continue to be successful in their learning and more electives such as Spanish for 6th graders are available this new school year. I love the family atmosphere and the constant efforts to reach all students. However, I do wish the school district would investigate ways to help with the high stuent enrollment.

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    July 16, 2013

    2 of my children went to ridge view and loved it- though I must say the school is on the decline. This isn't the teachers fault or the principals, it's the influx of people moving to these parts and the school boundaries that like to bus people here from other places... Back in 2005-8 the school was fabulous and is getting worse each year. You can see it in the type of student that goes there. Back in "05 and 06" you didn't see saggy pants and oversized clothes... I gave the school 5 stars for the experience WE had 6 years ago, not from what I am seeing and hearing now. As for the mention of a teacher (ms Conner) hahaha well, as rude as it is to mention a teachers name, I must admit that BOTH my children (both honor students) had problems with ms Conner, and referred to her as the meanest teacher EVER.

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    April 20, 2012

    I was floored when I read these comments about lack of principal involvement-I see them all the time in the halls and classrooms. I also couldn't believe the parent who mentioned a teacher's name on this website-that is extremely disrespectful. I've never met the teacher mentioned, but it's just basic respect to not write a name. Most of the teachers that I work with are positive, hard-working, and diligent. This school is too overcrowded, but that is the district's problem due to a lack of $ from the government. Most of the students follow the Panther Creed-ie. don't shove and push going down the hallway or stairs, walk on the correct side of the hallway so they can get to class, respect their teacher, etc. The staff in the office is always welcoming and friendly. I just had to take a moment to write all the positives that go on at this middle school. Just like most reviews, more people take the time to write the negative and don't take the time to write all the positives. iIm glad to take that time.

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    December 13, 2011

    I have lived in the area for a long time and know the history of the schools around RR (25yrs). I can honestly say RidgeView has become the one single school in the district that is in need of leadership. the principals allow their teaching staff to not respond to parents, or counsiling inquiries. Parent teacher confrences are not accepted ever. Sent 6 different types of communication to sixth grade principal and two and half weeks later finally recieved a canned excuse and our student concerns are still not addressed. What is it with a teacher who openly texts in class and stops learning to respond to her personal life. Thanks Ms Conner. I am sure that is what our kids need, a lesson on facebooking with your friends. The school strives for mediocore at best, and is suspect to how they achieve thier low performance goals anyway. However if have your kids bullied by teachers and peers this is a school for you and your child.

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    October 23, 2011

    This school needs leadership and organization badly. No one in the counselor's office, the main office or principal's themselves seems to know what is going on. This school cannot figure out it's grading system, no one has any answers, and the Principal talks like she knows what she is doing, but it is all talk. I am pulling my kid out of this school.

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    October 18, 2011

    Our child attended this school last year. Character of a large group of students is poor and disruptive in the classroom. There also seems to be lack of parental involvement of those students who are not at school to learn, and the discipline techniques used by teachers and administration are not effective. School administration considers students who have a GPA of 85% or higher Honor Roll Students. Most schools in the state consider Honor Roll as the top 5%-10% of the student body. Because of this, many students strive for mediocre and are content with that because they 'made' honor roll. Doesn't help parents who want and know their child can do better than 85%-95% GPA. This year the school implemented a new grading system called, 'Standards Based Grading' which is causing quite a buzz in RRISD. As a parent we are thankful we decided to place our child in a different school for the 2011-2012 school year.

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    August 10, 2011

    Took my son to register and the the person on the counseling staff doing the registration was less than friendly or helpful. Referred me to the school website for information. When I explained that there was conflicting information, she merely responded by saying that all the information was there. Also, website information compared to information given to secretary that answers the phone compared to actual goings-on at the school are ALL in conflict with each other. What a shame!!

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    March 19, 2010

    Take it from someone who goes here 5 days a week, 9 months a year. This school has standards that could be higher. The teachers are nice, but principal involvement is low. I've been going to school here for 2 years now, and I've only seen the principal twice, at academic ceremonies. The teachers try hard, but all the lessons are easy, and we are not challenged at all. This school could be better, but if you're into athletics, I would recommend it. Elective options are not varied much, though they are offering new classes for 2010. The computers are very slow, and take away class time used for research because of the time they take to load everything. Overall, this school is okay, but needs help, maybe from the district.

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    January 3, 2010

    I love this school and its academics

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